Fans of amateur wrestling in Minnesota have been debating for years the policy surrounding wrestlebacks at the Minnesota State High School League State Tournament. The current policy on the books allows only the wrestler whose previous opponent is victorious in their second match to advance in the tournament.

As it stands now, and will at least for the next year unless another motion is made is that those who lose in the first round to someone, and then that previous opponent loses in the 2nd round get no opportunity to continue to wrestle. A motion was made at today's MSHSL Board of Directors meeting to add a half-day to the State Tournament to allow for all wrestlers to get wrestle backs, and to expand the girls wrestling portion of the tournament, which was new, and in my opinion really successful, in 2022.

According to the synopsis of the meeting sent out tonight:

A proposal that would add an extra half-day to the state tournament to create additional time for growth in girls wrestling and provide all wrestlers the opportunity, in part, to participate in wrestlebacks, failed when it received a motion, but not a second by the Board of Directors.

It's really a shame. Many coaches and parents that I've had the opportunity to speak to about the state tournament format have been in favor of expanding wrestlebacks, and it seems that it's not going to happen at least in the next year.

In other MSHSL Board of Director news:

  • "The Board of Directors approved a Name, Image and Likeness Policy designed to provide direction for member schools and protect the amateur status of student-athletes."
  • In basketball, "the Board of Directors approved an opportunity for conferences to make the decision to permit the use of a 35-second shot clock during all conference contests if all schools have the capability to use a shot clock. Shot clocks will be mandated in the 2023-2024 season."
  • In dance, "the Board of Directors approved a proposal to standardize the number of state qualifiers in both Jazz and High Kick at three teams from each section."
  • In wrestling, "the Board of Directors approved a proposal that will permit a wrestling team to schedule four girls-only meets without counting toward the 16 allowed team events each season. Girls participants will still be held to the 16-event and 45-match individual limits in the current bylaw."

You can see the synopsis of the entire meeting here. 

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