Yesterday there was an EPIC police chase that involved a suspicious man who had been allegedly watching kids in a trailer park in Ham Lake. The driver, took off after police were called and the next thing you know a police chase began. The car chase went through Blaine where MnDOT camera's followed the action.

The car, a mid-2000's Saturn, went through spike strips, which you can see cause a plume of smoke behind the car as it drives down Highway 65 in Blaine near 99th Ave. After losing its tires the vehicle is PIT'd twice by police, the second time spinning the vehicle to a stop. While the police officer is trying the first PIT maneuver you see the driver either throw something at the vehicle or attempt to hit the vehicle with something in his hand.

After the vehicle lost control on the second PIT attempt, police think they've got the driver dead to rights, only for the driver to get away and drive through the grass median.

Law Enforcement again get the vehicle stopped only to have the vehicle take off again down the median! Law enforcement manage to PIT the driver again, this time as the vehicle is entering Northbound traffic traveling Southbound. The PIT sends the car and a cloud of dust that takes away visibility from the traffic cameras as to what is happening. Police audio later states that the suspect's vehicle was on fire.

MN Traffic on Youtube compiled the footage and police audio into a video for you to watch.

All I can say is I'm certainly glad that members of Minnesota's law enforcement agencies were able to end the chase without anyone seemingly being injured.

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