I work with a funny and adventurous guy named Jon. He and his wife went to Duluth last weekend and had themselves a time.

Along the way, they were having dinner and he ordered something that made Jon wonder what the rest of Rochester thought...would you drive to Duluth to try this burger?

salmon burger smaller

It's a salmon burger from the Scenic Cafe in Duluth. Check it out in the picture above, looks good, right? Jon said he was thrown by the black bun, but wow was it good.

Would you try it? Why not, right? A brioche bun'll be soft and buttery, salmon is awesome, peach mustard and some fancy lettuce? Sounds good, but you know I'm not writing a blog about it unless there's a hook.

And here it is. The bun is black because it is made with squid ink.

How 'bout now...you still in?

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