Last week Birds-Eye-Foods harvested my peas. It was the third year in a row that my peas did not yield well. Peas do not do well when there is a lot of frequent rain. There is an old phrase that peas "do not like wet feet." When soil conditions are saturated there is a root rot disease that sets in. The peas turn yellow and eventually die. Growing peas does allow me to get some manure from my neighbor and plant a cover crop.

In the picture is my neighbor that is injecting manure from a pig nursery barn located a half a mile down the road from my farm. I use a tandem disk and work the field twice to make sure I get all the weeds killed. The Coop will come out with the air-flow and spread the oats and radishes on the top of the soil. Then I disk the field lightly to work the seed into the ground and hope for a half an inch of rain for even germination.


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