Minnesota Nice is alive and well in St. Joseph. Facebook user Tara Rose shared a story to the group "It's a Minnesota Thing" on Tuesday morning about her encounter at the Kwik Trip she was fueling up at:

So...I was getting gas just a little bit ago at Kwik Trip #575 in Saint Joseph. I only put $10 in because I hate my car and that's all the money it needs from me LOL. I get in my car after....A guy comes up to my window....asks if he can put another $20 in there. i said whaaaat, why? It's a crapper he says can I just do it, please? & I said okay... Asked him his name and he said Bill, he didn't look like a Bill but maybe it's because nobody in their 30's has the name "Bill" so then I said thank you so much....he goes "fill it up!" I said WHAT no way (in my acid trippin lizard voice) he laughed and I said am I being punked right now? He says no, its no biggie, everyone needs a hand up sometimes, have a good day! And drove away.... I couldn't bring myself to fill it up, but I did put $20 in. He probably saw me get in my car through my passenger side door and was like damn this girl is a hot mess right now. Lmfaoooo. Anyway....Thanks "Bill" in the pretty white Chevy. You made my day! Chivalry isn't dead after all! It's my turn to pay it forward. #MinnesotaNice

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It just takes one act of kindness to turn someone's day around and start a chain of positive acts. If you get a chance to make someone's day better today, why not do it?

Thanks to Tara for sharing this awesome story, and thanks to "Bill" in the white Chevy for sharing some good vibes with the world.

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