With the talk of large cats in SE Minnesota seemingly at a low point right now, there may be a solution to keeping the large cats at bay. Metallica. Specifically 1991 Metallica track "Don't Tread On Me." It helped out a Canadian woman who was being stalked by a cougar in British Columbia on July 27th according to the Kelowna Now. 

According to the Kelowna Now article, Dee Gallant and her husky Murphy (who's a good puppers), were taking their evening walk on a logging road just outside of Duncan, BC in the Cowichan Valley, when she told the newspaper that she felt "like something was watching” them.

That's when Gallant turned around and spotted a cougar somewhat crouched stalking her and Murphy. Gallant started making some noise to deter the cat, which stopped and according to Gallant "froze like a statue" watching the two. Gallant even recorded a portion of her encounter. 

After the "bad kitty" wasn't persuaded to leave after being verbally told to do so, Gallant went for the loudest thing she had in her cell phone at the time. That's right, cue up Metallica's “Don’t Tread On Me”. That did the trick as she turned up the volume on her phone and the cougar ran off "into the bush."

Gallant told the paper that she doesn't plan on leaving the house without some Metallica now that it appears to have saved her and or her dog's life. So what did we learn here? 1991 Metallica is cougar repellant.

Or maybe it was just because the large Canadian cats prefer Rush, April Wine, or Buffalo Springfield over Metallica.

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