Your tax return isn't the only chance you'll have to get some extra cash in April.

Starting April 2, we'll give you three chances to win anywhere from $200 to $5,000 every weekday through April 20. Not in the mood for math? That's a total of 45 opportunities to get richer.

Listen to us weekdays, April 2 through April 20, for when we start to milk the cow and give you your daily code words. When you hear a code word, at 7:30am, 10:30am, and 3:30pm be sure to enter it here on our website, and you might just get a call saying you won $200 to $5,000. Why not make your bank account w-holstein again with the Cash Cow!

Before you start figuring out how you're going to spend your money, you should know the winning doesn't stop there.

In addition to the daily prizes, on April 20th, we'll pull one grand prize winner, who will score $5,000. The more code words you enter throughout the contest, the better chance you will have to take home the grand prize, so be sure to listen all day, every day.

You better set a calendar reminder now because your first chance to win cash is coming April 2 at 7:30am!

But why wait until Monday? If you are feeling lucky now, go ahead and enter to win one of these other great prizes.

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