I am happy to report I was just at the grocery store there was plenty of food available. I understand there are a lot of unknowns with Covid-19 and the Center For Disease Control has advised stocking up with a two week food supply. I think with some people it has turned into panic hoarding?

Sure, there were some empty shelves and maybe you could not get exactly what you wanted. You had to take home 2 percent instead of whole milk! There were employees all over the grocery store restocking the shelves early this morning. I suspect a lot of them got called in on their scheduled day off to help restock shelves! But, they did have food to put back on the shelf!

There are some that are very concerned about grocery stores running out of meat. If there was panic buying I guess it would be possible that for a short time a meat counter may be pretty bare. However, there is a monthly report released by the USDA called the Cold Storage Report.

The USDA Cold Storage Report shows how many pounds of beef, chicken, pork, and turkey that are not needed in the food retail chain. So, it is in a cooler or "Cold Storage." If a grocery store chain needs more meat a deal is negociated to deliver it to their grocery store.

The last USDA Cold Storage Report showed record or near record supplies of meat in cold storage! There could be short term shortages at the meat counter of maybe certain cuts. However, we are not going to run out of meat anytime soon with all that meat in cold storage!

I guess the older I get the more respect and admiration I have for my father's, grandfather's and great grandfather's generations. Maybe you should watch the history or military channel on TV.  Learn what their lives were like winning two world wars, the sacrifices that were made at home and abroad for the war effort. Maybe search the internet and see what it was like for my Dad's generation growing up with polio.

We are Americans! We always have and will overcome whatever we need to. That includes Covid-19! We owe it to the previous generations that built this great country and our freedom we enjoy. Remain calm, be informed and cooperated with out elected leaders advice. That is what Americans do!


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