I read this weekend that the Federal EPA will announce in October if dicamba will be reregistered for 2019. Driving around our listening area there are a few fields with serious waterhemp weeds. Applied when weeds are small dicamba is very affective controlling waterhemp. The weather did not cooperate this year to apply dicamba and meet all the label restrictions. In 2017 there were many off target reports to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture because dicambia can be volatile.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture this year moved the cutoff date earlier to June 20th. While many planned acres did not get sprayed with dicamba this year because of the weather, I have heard very little about off target movement. Bob Worth who is a soybean grower from southwestern Minnesota represents the Minnesota Soybean growers on the Dicamba Drift Task Force. He said last week some environmental groups are using the courts to argue against or ban the use of dicambia. This could be a long process!

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