Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm there will be a forum on Wild parsnip at the New Waterford Bridge on the north edge of Northfield. Wild parsnip is a very nasty weed that seems to be growing everywhere, especially in road ditches. Wild parsnip is very prolific and dangerous. The weed contains an oil type substance that will cause third degree burns if you get it on your skin. The oil reacts with sunlight and causes the burns and permanent scars.

The forum is being sponsored by local townships, weed inspectors, Carlton College, Minnesota Department of Transportation, and citizens all committed to trying to get wild parsnip under control. It is so widespread it would be virtually impossible to eradicate the weed but with everyone working together it can be brought under control. the Wild parsnip forum Wednesday evening at the New Covered Bridge close to Northfield is free and everyone is welcome.

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