Best 2 Coziest Small Towns in Minnesota To Visit This Winter

Two Minnesota towns made the Coziest Towns in America list and the #1 coziest town in all the USA is just about an hour from Rochester, Minnesota.

The Coziest Town in the USA Is...

The #1 Coziest Town in the United States is Stockholm, Wisconsin, just across the Mississippi from Lake City, MN. According to a story on,

With a spectacular view of Lake Pepin, Stockholm offers the right blend of shops, dining, and lodging. Antique shops, art galleries, artisan furniture, a performing arts center, and a winery/cidery are all part of Stockholm’s charm. This beautiful tiny town enthusiastically displays its Swedish roots, from food to architecture.

Average Winter Temperature: 23 °F
Winter Season: 4 months
Snowfall: 42 inches

Which Minnesota Towns Are the Coziest?

#27 - Grand Marais, MN


Only in Grand Marais, every nook and cranny has personality – authenticity. An amazing arts culture, unmatched natural beauty, colorful restaurants, a wide range of lodging, unique shops and galleries are all harbor-side on Lake Superior. It’s an easy stroll to find and enjoy it all – besides, that’s how you catch the details. Outdoor paintings on charming signs and door panels, children’s mosaics, whimsical yard art all contribute to the sense of creativity that is everywhere.

#56 - Perham, MN

That youtube video is kinda dated,but I guess they're busy being cozy and not video-making. Can't argue with that. According to,

Perham is located in the heart of Minnesota's lakes country at the center of 1000 lakes. Over 26 family-friendly resorts and campgrounds, discover "In Their Own Words" Veteran's Museum and the Historical Museum, and the great Otter Trail Snowmobile Trail & ice fishing

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