Time for some good news to brighten your day! There's a 12-year-old Minnesota girl who did something very nice earlier this week and she's getting recognized for it thanks to a woman's outdoor camera.

Since we flipped the calendar our minds are on the holidays now but let's go back to Halloween for a second. Trick-or-treaters took to the streets in their costumes on Monday night on the hunt for candy.


My husband and I were at home handing out candy. It was so fun seeing all of the costumes! Some people are busy that day but still want to participate so they leave a bowl of candy out for trick-or-treaters that come by.

A woman in Waconia named Kristina did the latter. She had a party she was going to, according to FOX 9, so she left a bowl of candy out on her front step. And thanks to her outdoor camera she caught a random act of kindness right on her front step.

12-Year-Old Minnesota's Random Act of Kindness Caught on Camera

12-year-old Abby was out trick-or-treating with her brother when they came upon Kristina's bowl, but there was no candy in it, it was all gone! Instead of turning around and leaving, Abby decided to take some of the candy she had already collected and put it in the bowl. '"I didn't want other kids to not have candy'", Abby said.

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One comment I saw on Facebook made a comment about how Abby didn't even pick through the candy to put her least favorites in the bowl, she just grabbed a couple of handfuls for the next kids who came by and left. What a great kid!

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