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Can you ever really have too many Christmas lights? Well, if you decorate your car with them and you live in Wisconsin, as it turns out, you CAN.

This time of year-- and certainly THIS year, given the raging dumpster fire that 2020 has been-- we all look forward to seeing all the various holiday light displays on homes and businesses around southeast Minnesota. But can you have TOO many Christmas lights?

Well, maybe not here in Minnesota, but just over the border to our east, in my home state of Wisconsin, it turns out you CAN have too many Christmas lights-- if they're on your car, that is.

Actually, it's not that there were too MANY lights on Tylor Kamholtz's Camaro-- it's that they were on his car in the first place. According to this FOX-11 story, Tyler was pulled over by a trooper with the Wisconsin State Patrol because he'd decked out his car with about $30 dollars worth of multi-colored Christmas lights.

And, in over in America's Dairyland, it's the multi-colored lights part that's illegal. The story noted that in Wisconsin, 'state statute says you can only have white or amber colored lights on the front of your car. On the rear, the only color you can have is red. Any other color could result in a fine of up to $200,' the story said.

Luckily, for Tyler, the trooper let him off with just a warning-- and took a picture of his festively-decked-out car, which they put on their Facebook page and then which promptly went viral. The story noted that Tyler says while he's keeping the lights on the car, he'll only turn them on when he's in a parking lot (where a lot of people have requested he stop by so they can see the car and its lights in person) or when he's tooling down some back roads.

Now, while they may not be on a car, if you want to see some festive Christmas lights here in Minnesota, keep scrolling to check out some of the best holiday light displays around this year!

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