Step aside weather apps, there is a new sheriff in town. I'll bet you didn't know that cars can predict the forecast in Minnesota. Ok maybe not the car itself, but is done to the car can predict what's coming up.

Ever pull into the parking lot at work and notice that the windshield wipers on your coworker's cars are standing at attention? That should tell you all you need to know for the day. Snow and or ice is on the way, and it will be enough precipitation where the snowbrushes will be needed.

If you pull into the parking lot and windows are left down, chances are good it is the first warm spring day after a long winter. The snow will be melting like crazy as the sun beats down and car interiors get aired out.

If you pull into a parking lot and there is a fancy sun visor in the windshield it is going to be HOT out. Not like "oh it's warm" we are talking the hottest of the hot days of summer. Minnesotans aren't wimps, so we aren't going to pull that visor out willy-nilly.

If it's a summer Friday afternoon and your work parking lot suddenly clears out, it's the perfect lake day and everyone worked at top speed to get out of there early.

Cars can predict the weather in Minnesota, it isn't always 100% accurate but neither is the weatherman, so take it with a grain of road salt.

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