It is not your imagination, you are not crazy, their is a scientific medical explanation, the first 50 degree day in the fall feels colder than the first one in the spring! I was out to the farm last Sunday and I was not in a warm cab. I was outside and it sure felt cold. Granted, there was a bit of an east wind, cloudy and a little light drizzle but it sure was cold. I was quite surprised when I saw on my cell phone the temperature was 52 degrees!

Almost all fall, even at night I was running around in and out of cabs, up down bins in a polo shirt and no jacket. Many times I even worked up a sweat! I just gave you a hint, why 50 degrees feels colder in the fall than the first 50 degree day in the spring. That first day in the spring feels so warm you see people in shorts and no coats and it feels warm. Here is why.

All summer it is warm and our bodies have adjusted to trying to stay cool. Tiny vessels called arterioles under the skin have expanded increasing blood flow to take advantage of sweating and evaporation from the skin. This cools the blood and body. That first 50 degree day in the fall, the arterioles are still expanded trying to keep  your body cool. When we adjust to cold weather the arterioles right under the skin shrink or constrict which restricts blood flow and conserves heat.

After a long cold winter the arterioles are restricted to conserve body heat. Then the first 50 degree day in the spring feels nice and warm! Your body or arterioles have not adjusted to the warmer temperatures and 50 degrees DOES feel much warmer then in the fall. So, there is a medical or scientific reason 50 degrees does not always feel the same.

There may be a psychological explanation too!. It is called Jerry's Theory of Relativity. Zero degrees can feel pretty warm, if it has been 30 degrees below zero for days. That is my Theory of Relativity, I am just not as famous as that Einstein guy! Thanks to AccuaWeather for the information verifying it was not my imagination Sunday when I was so cold!

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