I am thankful that we had nice weather for the Thanksgiving weekend. So many people were traveling to visit family and friends. We are all so busy it seems we do not have time for family gatherings. It is a shame when bad weather interrupts travel plans for a holiday. However, I guess that goes with living in Minnesota. Dealing with the weather also goes with being a farmer. The nice weather now made me wonder why I worked so hard trying to get the corn harvested and tillage done.

As it turned out there was plenty of time to get everything done. Going out to the farm this afternoon I did see a couple farmers combining corn and ripping corn stalks. I thought about how nice it was today and how cold it was when I was combining corn. One Friday night it was so cold the diesel fuel was jelling and plugging the screen in the sediment bowl on my combine. After stopping and cleaning the screen a few times enough warm fuel had been recycled back into the tank that I did not have any more problem.

So, I should have just waited for this nice warm weather and it would have been a lot easier. However, you never know what the weather will be like in a few days. We could get up in the morning and find out a blizzard is on the way and it will hit us in a couple days. Do you remember the Halloween blizzard of 1991? It was a nice warm day and the snow began later in the afternoon, The next day we had 18 inches of snow and it was 15 degrees below zero!


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