For many years I have been asked to be the announcer at the Minnesota State Fair 4-H Swine Show. The Minnesota State Fair 4-H Swine Show is always on the first Friday of the Minnesota State Fair. It has also become a tradition that late in the day when I am done with the 4-H Swine Show I stop in at the Baa Booth in the sheep barn. Do you recognize the man in the cowboy hat? Yes, it is John Dvorak.

John has at least two passions that I know of, the Rice County Fair and the sheep industry. John has been involved in the sheep industry for many years and currently is on the American Sheep Industry (ASI) National Board. It was fun to spent a little time with John in the Baa Booth at the Minnesota State Fair. There were a lot of people that stopped by and asked questions about sheep. John did have a bag of raw wool and it was interesting to see how many people had to touch the wool as they visited the Baa Booth!


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