Over the last few decades pro sports has ventured out into playing a few games in unique places. The NFL playing games in England and the NHL playing a few outdoor games.

This Sunday the Pittsburgh Pirates will play the Chicago Cubs in major league game at South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. South Williamsport is home to the Little League World Series. Earlier this season the New York Yankees played the Boston Red Sox in England.

Major League Baseball has just announced that the Chicago White Sox will meet the New York Yankees in a game next year on the field made famous in the movie Field of Dreams.  Timothy Westland was a native and graduate of Albert Lea High School. He passed away in 2005 and in his obituary it stated that he designed, built and owned golf courses. He was also hired to build the field of dreams. I suppose with experience in maintaining golf greens, it would be logical he'd know something about the grass on a baseball field.

Next year's game is slated for August 13 at the field made famous by the movie filmed just outside Dyersville, Iowa. Plans call for portable seating for around 8,000 to be moved in for the contest.

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