Last week, my daughter, who works for a popular daycare chain, came home with a nasty chest cold. Because she has asthma she had great difficulty breathing and went to urgent care and got some inhalers and medicines. She is pretty close to completely recovered. After a day or two, as much as we tried to protect ourselves, my son and I came down with it. Ours was not quite as severe and we were able to use recommended over-the-counter medication. I am starting to come out of it, but the casualty due to all the coughing has been my voice.

Now in most other jobs, if you lose your voice you can still carry on with most of your day. In the radio business, your voice is almost everything you do. All I can do at this point is talk as little as possible.

Tonight, Roy Koenig is in for me in Waterville as the Buccaneers host Tri City United in a playoff basketball game. Coverage starts 6:45 on KDHL and

Hopefully when I have to hit the airwaves Wednesday for Jerry at 5:30 a.m. I'll be able to greet you in my normal way.

Have a great day!



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