The weather was pretty nice, the snow is going away. Did that motivate you to do much this past weekend?

Saturday after work, I got some house cleaning done. Being single, this task falls on me, although my two kids who live with me do help out. Got together with some friends Saturday night and played poker. We don't use real money, but I did pretty well. Was thinking I should have bought some lottery tickets.

Yesterday, I did the Sunday paper thing, paid some bills and watched NASCAR. The weekends go by too fast.

Had a nice chat Saturday morning at Bashers (the home of the Faribault Coaches Show on KDHL) with Lois and Jo Jo, Abbie and Danette from the Faribault Emeralds dance team. They talked about their exciting season and that the State High School League expects to rule on the whole dance copying controversy in the first part of April. I also got to chat with state champion gymnast Mary McDonough. Stop out and watch the show sometime between 10 and 10:30 on Saturday mornings.

KDHL will have state tournament coverage Wednesday through Saturday with Gordy Kosfeld.

Enjoy the weather, and thanks for stopping by.

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