There are a lot of changes and improvements that have taken place at Farmamerica Minnesota's Interpretive Center located just west of Waseca. First it is great that students and visitors are back at Farmamerica after the COVID-19 shutdown. The capitol campaign is going well and the phase one construction is finished at the Welcome Center.


Is is also exciting that there is a new Program Director Jenny Delnay. Jenny grew up in Rosemount, spent a few years in Wisconsin and now is back in her home state of Minnesota at Waseca. Be sure to get the details on the Pumpkin Party coming up at Farmamerica on Saturday October 16, 2020. Click on the above ling and listen to Jessica and Jenny talk about what is going on at Farmamerica!

Be sure to check out Farmamerica's website: You can find out more about the Pumpkin Party coming up Saturday October 16, 2021. Plus if you would like to contribute to the Capitol Campaign there is a link too. Plus, Farmamerica could always use more volunteers to help with their mission, Telling the Story of Agriculture in Minnesota, Past, Present and Future!

When You Are Having a Bad Day, Just Read These

Life isn't always perfect and we all are going to have bad days. On those days when you could use some cheering up, just look through these quotes that were found on some Hall's cough drops. They helped bring a smile to my face when I needed one and I'm sure there is one in the list that will do the same for you.



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