It sure was nice to receive that rain Tuesday as it was desperately needed. The rain was widespread but the amounts varied a lot. That has been the pattern this year but at least this time pretty much everyone received beneficial rain. Most of the spring and summer someone got a nice rain and maybe just down the road there was very little or none!

This rain will help the corn and soybeans but it would have been great if it had come a week or two earlier. Last week you could see areas of lighter soil where the beans were turning yellow and the corn was firing and turning brown. The rain was likely too late for those areas. However, where the corn and beans were still green the rain will really benefit yields!

Here the the Compeer Financial rain gauge reports reported this morning:

New Prague 3.25 inches

John by Webster Northern Rice County 5.75 inches

South Side of Faribault 2.25 inches

Mark Southeast of Faribault 1.7 inches

Jerry's farm by wells .6 inches

Northwest of Lonsdale 4.00 inches

Mark just Northwest of Nerstrand 1.5 inches

Dave by Alma City .5 inches

Paul at Montgomery 3.5 inches

Norm East side of Cannon Lake 2.1 inches

Dick East Walcott Township Southeast of Faribault 1.5 inches

Richard just southeast of Kenyon 1.6 inches

Francis West Side of Faribault 2.4 inches

Art Cannon City 1.5 inches

Jerry by Madison Lake 1.9 inches

By the way we have some Compeer Financial Rain Gauges if you would like to stop by the studio and pick one up. Then when you can you can join our rain gauge reporting team!




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