I don’t watch much TV, but anyone who knows me can attest that when I do, I enjoy programming related to searching for a home, decorating and renovating homes, homes in exotic locations, and any home-related type of show.

I love seeing how other people live, how they can take a space that seemed uninhabitable and transform it into an amazing room. I love seeing historic buildings restored to their former glory, abandoned spaces repurposed, and what different areas of the country and the world consider “home.”

I also like that because I am busy and don’t watch a ton of TV, there is no complex story line to follow, I don’t have to play catch up if I miss a few episodes, and I don’t have to try to be home at any particular time. I can just flip to the channel and enjoy. I’ve never owned a home, been house shopping, or through a major renovation, but its fun to see the transformations, guess which house the buyers will select, and learn a little about another corner of the world.

Do you enjoy home-related shows?

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