I have to think that this might be a first, and perhaps one of the dumbest things a criminal could be doing. A thief here in Central Minnesota is traveling around with preprinted notes to leave in their victim's cars after taking valuables, and then 'guilting' the victim to lock their doors next time.

The Mille Lacs Lake Facebook page is a great place to learn about what's going on with and on the lake, including some fishing tips and or places that might NOT be worth your time when you are out on the water. Last night a post by a member, Jason Thomas, shows a note that was left by a thief that was PREPRINTED. Who wanders around with preprinted theft notes? (Warning this note has adult language and is also poorly written)

Image Credit Jason Thomas via Facebook Mille Lacs Lake page
Image Credit Jason Thomas via Facebook Mille Lacs Lake page

The note reads:

"i could've taken all these n fucked your whole world up as you fished. You would have had a nightmare getting new cards and id and all of that. Im letting you off easy cuz I believe in karma. Lock ur truck next time bro! Im hurting otherwise I wouldn't be doing this so for what its worth I'm sorry!"

Oh my! That's a lot to unravel, and I don't plan to unpack the note, but I got to think this person is going to be easy to find, as they apparently have a few of these pre-printed on them.

I feel for the guy who had his cash taken, but the note being left in the wallet is just insane.

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So what did we learn? Lock your trucks or you could be cleaned out by the note bandit and then shamed for it by the thief.

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