We know Cadillac Jackk loves the purple and gold, and she has a HUGE following as a result of her fandom, but recently Cadillac Jackk took a trip South to St. Paul to take in a Minnesota Wild game, and also chat with Dave Schwartz of the Minnesota Wild about her thoughts on hockey, and she even reveals how she makes her trademark drink.

Image Credit: Minnesota Wild via Youtube
Image Credit: Minnesota Wild via Youtube

Jackie is a Central Minnesotan, and her Vikings game TikToks are legendary as her reactions are pure. But what happens when Jackie heads out of the house and into St. Paul to take in a Minnesota Wild game?

Well, Jackie revealed her favorite Wild player, "The Fighter #75", Ryan Reaves a right winger for the Wild, and she even poured Dave Schwartz one of her signature Mich Golden Light and tomato juice drinks, which Dave tried.

Jackie also let us know that she wouldn't want to be a goalie, for obvious reasons, who would want to take that beating by a hardened rubber puck all day?

Sadly the Wild lost the game that Jackie was at 4-2, with two goals being called back for offsides, you can hear Jackie's thoughts on the NHL referees after a goal was called back...don't worry it was bleeped out.

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The video ends with Schwartz and former Minnesota Wild player Ryan Carter enjoying another one of Jackie's favorite beverages.

I for one would love to see Jackie take in a Twins game or Wolves game just to see her thoughts on those sports and her reaction to the game itself. Where do we sign her up?

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