I am sure many have made New Years Resolutions and have every intention of keeping them. I have read that most New Years Resolutions fall by the wayside in a few days, no matter how well they are intended. I have never really been into making New Years Resolutions, but here is one I thing "Mother Nature" should make, give us a nice winter, spring, summer and fall. Another words, normal weather.

The 2018 growing season was one of weather extremes. April was the coldest on record at the Southern research and Outreach Center at Waseca. Their records go back more than 100 years. April also broke the record for the most snow too, by a lot. Last spring was also the latest ice out date on Clear Lake in Waseca. Another record was set with the coldest October and November.

Just for good measure another record was set with the earliest date that the lakes froze over in November. If all this abnormal weather in 2018 was not enough, in September Mother Nature delivered 16 tornadoes, 6 in Rice County. So, with the miserable spring and fall, is it asking too much to think Mother Nature owes us a growing season with normal weather? I think that should be Mother Natures New Years Resolution!


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