Just look at that guy! I wonder how old he is? That is a photo of a Bland Turtle; but I think it's anything but bland.

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Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

What does the Blandings Turtle have that no other reptiles in the state of Minnesota have? A title, that's what. Although I've seen it called the Bland, Blandings, or Blanding Turtle, The Blandings Turtle just happens to be our Minnesota State Reptile. Who knew?

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

These turtles are typically a medium size turtle and can be identified by the long bright yellow neck they have.  They also have a mouth that curves up at the ends, making it appear especially happy. You might just think that this turtle is smiling at you.

The Blandings Turtle was classified as a threatened species back in 1984. These turtles can live a really long time. The oldest known Blandings Turtle that I could find lived to be 83 years old. Some of the information says that these turtles are a lot like people, in that they don't find a mate til they are in their twenties. By the way, it is not legal to own one of these turtles. They are not pets.

You may see these turtles crossing the road at times; and if you do, I hope that you'll be a good steward to nature; and slow down and not run them over. They already have a hard enough time getting around, and they are usually moving once they have laid their eggs, or when the babies hatch. They are just trying to get back to the water; and a turtle can't hurry out of the way for you. Be kind.


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