Say someone you know is coming up on a milestone birthday, what do you get them? My mom held a 'funeral' for my dad when he turned 50, this year he turned 60 and she littered the lawn with lawn ornaments. But what do you get someone who has seen and done a lot, AND is turning 100? The City of Wanamingo took a great approach, they saluted the now 100 year and 2 days old Wilma Satren on Wednesday on their Facebook page, which was pretty cool. Check it out!

Wilma, as indicated in the post by the City of Wanamingo has done A LOT in her lifetime! Wilma and Jack Satren had been in the service industry in Wanamingo starting off with Turps Cafe, which became Jacks Cafe, which is now JB's Tavern. Not only did Wilma help out with that, but she was also an educator and taught area students throughout the years.

On top of teaching and helping run businesses, Wilma still lives in the same house that she and her husband bought together all those years ago!

The City of Wanamingo encouraged folks around town to cruise by Wilma's and offer up a celebratory honk of the horn, and with us being a little late to wish Wilma a happy birthday, maybe offer up a honk and a wave, and maybe an apology if you are like us and were a few days late.

Cafes are nothing new to Wanamingo as the Area 57 cafe took home numerous best-of awards recently in the 'Voted Minnesota Best' contest. The honors included:

Gold Best Breakfast,
Silver Best Casual Restaurant
Gold Best Coffee
Silver Best Coffee House
Bronze Best Dessert
Silver Best Family-Friendly Restaurant
Silver Best Sandwiches
Gold Best Smoothies

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