Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Minnesota has the most simple and direct message to those who don't want to wear a mask.

The last time COVID started getting out of control and Minnesota started to shut down, I remember a lot of parents talking about how they went to the zoo but couldn't get in because they didn't have a reservation.  Well, before you promise your kids that they are going to get to see the polar bears and amazing animals at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, here's your heads up that you need a reservation once again.

Oh, and you need to wear a mask inside AND outside.

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They know that people aren't going to be happy about wearing masks but they had a very simple and direct statement for everyone on their Facebook page.

**Starting August 4, masks will be required inside AND outside the zoo and Conservatory by all individuals ages 3 and older - regardless of vaccinations status. Read the City of St. Paul Press Release and Executive Order here:
If you feel you cannot wear a mask or follow these guidelines, we ask that you visit once the Executive Order is lifted.
Please, get vaccinated.


How do I get a reservation for Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Minnesota?

The animals are so much fun to watch at Como Park Zoo and if you'd love a fun outing to visit them, both members and nonmembers will need a reservation.  The process is super easy and you can get your name on the reservation list here.

Businesses and Organizations in Rochester, Minnesota Requiring Face Coverings

Several businesses throughout our country have started to be proactive now that the COVID-19 numbers are starting to increase again. As a result, changes to mask policies for their staff and customers have been changed including at these locations.

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If you go to Como Park Zoo, you've got to meet Nan!

Here's a little sneak peek of the big (VERY BIG!) polar bear that recently joined the Como Park Zoo family.  I know hugging bears isn't really encouraged and is pretty dangerous but the photos below of Nan will make you want to just give hugs.

Meet Nan! The newest polar bear at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Give a great big Minnesota welcome to Nan! She is one of Minnesota's newest residents and is a polar bear at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

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