Late last week many farmers were concerned about how late this planting season has been. Many farmers had a lot of corn to plant yet. We all know that planting date research done by seed companies and the University of Minnesota shows that on average potential yields start dropping if corn is not planted by May 15th. Then late last week the weather finally cooperated and almost all of the corn is now planted.

In fact, a lot of the beans are also planted. In addition there were many sprayers in corn and bean fields applying pre-emergence herbicides. Tuesday night driving back to Faribault there were a lot of lights in the fields as farmers were trying to get as much done as possible before the forecasted rain this morning. It is amazing how quickly farmers can get the crop planted and get the herbicides on.

The size of the equipment is one reason but the other is the dedication of farmers, their employees and the custom applicators at the coops and retailers. Everyone put in long days to get the crop in!

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