I know winter does not officially begin for about another three weeks, but it sure looks like winter. I was surprised when I looked outside this morning about 3:30. I was sure the forecast I saw late yesterday said the snow would not start until about noon today! When I drove to the studio we had already received about 2 inches of wet, heavy snow. The roads in Faribault were quite slippery and I have heard reports that major roads like Interstate 35 and Highway 52 are also quite slippery.

The first real snowfall means we have to revive our winter driving skills. That means slow down and take your time. The key is slow and easy starting and stopping. It is a very sick feeling when you step on the brakes to slow down and nothing happens but your automatic braking system pulses! If you do lose control, you are helpless as your car is going to go wherever it wants to! We are in a winter storm warning until midnight Tuesday night. Depending on which forecast you look at, we could receive up to 10 inches of snow.