I had not checked in a while, so I thought I would look at some of the strange things that are available. There a lot of the same old stuff, old TVs, couches and chairs. But then there are these...


  • 1

    Free Vienna Sausages

    Apparently this person won seven cases of Vienna Sausages. There's 18 cans in a box, so they are keeping one. They would give them to the food shelf, but the UPC codes have been removed because they were won, so the food shelf won't take them. Enjoy

  • 2

    272 used 9-volt batteries

    272 9-volt batteries pulled after a one-year use in smoke detectors. Even free ... if you put it in something and they only last a day or two, is it really a deal?

  • 3

    Free 40-inch Range

    If you are a set decorator for That 60's Show this is perfect, because it does not work. But if you can fix it and you are into nostalgia, this piece is for you

  • 4

    Rotating Christmas Tree

    To get ready for next year, be the first on your block with a 6-1/2-foot Rotating Christmas tree with 600 lights. Some assembly required

  • 5

    100 Empty Bottles of Beer in a Basement...

    Free beer bottles, plus a growler. If you want to start your own home brew.

  • 6

    Belly Pan

    If you still happen to have a '96 Arctic Cat snowmobile, we have a free belly pan for you


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