There won't be a single lull in the conversation this holiday season. Not when you come armed with these very important facts that I'll bet not many people know!

For instance, did you know that Kentucky Fried Chicken is such a popular Christmas dinner in Japan, that people have to order it ahead of time to avoid very long lines to get their chicken?  I didn't know that either.

Elephants eat Christmas trees. It's a healthy snack and it helps to clean their teeth. I wonder if the Minnesota Zoo takes in trees after the holidays?

In Ireland, kids leave a pint of Guinness out for Old Saint Nick, instead of milk and cookies. I'm guessing it's his favorite place to stop.

Santa Claus ran for president in 2008 and 2012. Feel free to insert any jokes here that you see fit.

And one that hits close to home: Monopoly opened up a holiday dispute hotline a couple years ago to settle any game-based family disputes. As the youngest in our home, my siblings cheated at Monopoly EVERY SINGLE TIME. However, this number would not have helped me because chances are they would have lied to me about that, too. Bitter? I'm not bitter. I've just sworn of Monopoly for the rest of my life.



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