Reading the Weekly weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca I did note one positive factor. It was not quite as hot as the previous week. Temperatures averaged 76.2 degrees which was 8 degrees above normal. Last week the average was just over 80 degrees. There was one rain event, depending on your definition that was only .03 inches.

It was no surprise that growing degree units were 31 percent above normal at 167.   So far this growing season sine May 1 we have accumulated 728 growing degree units      that is 22 percent above normal. We have been fortunate too that many nights have been cooler which allows corn and soybean plants some relief. We also have been fortunate that the corn has not reached it's maximum water demand. The will be around tasseling time when it needs around .3 inches a day.

I do have some concerns about all the stress the corn as been under when it is determining the size of the ear. Around V 5 (5 leaf stage) the rows around the ear are being set. Then around V 9 it sets the length of the ear. Stress at these times too can affect the yield too. Plus, of course we have the most critical tasseling and pollination period ahead too!

Thursday I did talk with an agronomist and he said sure the crop on lighter sandy soils with less water holding capacity have been hurt. But heavier soils the crop was holding on and if we can get the rain on Sunday he thought we were still on track for a good crop. Let's hope the rain comes on Sunday and he is right!

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