The Weekly Weather and Crop update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center was released Wednesday afternoon. A week of warm dry weather was very welcomed. Farmers made a lot of progress finishing the corn and planting beans. Temperatures averaged 64 degrees that was 3.9 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled .14 inches which was .77 inches below normal. Growing degree units totaled 100.5 and that was 20 percent above normal. The grand total this year since May 1 is 271.5 and that too is 20 percent above normal.

The early planted corn is at the two leaf collar stage and the corn planted May 15 is just emerging. Farmers have been concentrating on getting the crop planted and many times herbicide applications have been delayed. With the warm weather beans will emerge very quickly after planting so be sure to double check the label on the products you are using. Some herbicides can be applied to emerged beans, others cannot and will cause serious crop damage. If you have concerns check with your agronomist or retailer.


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