The best way to describe the summary of the Weekly Weather and Crop Update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca is a wasted week. Temperatures averaged 52.1 degrees which was .5 degrees above normal. However there were many cloudy days with rain. Rainfall totaled 1.86 inches and that was 1.13 inches above normal. Growing degree units totaled only 40. The season growing degree units now total 2637. That is 6 percent above normal.

There was very little field activity last week with all the rain and cloudy weather. The corn did drop 2 percent in moisture so I guess the week was not a total waste. So far it has rained 8 of the first eleven days in October. So far in October the rainfall totaled 2.77 inches. That is already .1 inches above the normal for the entire month. So, that means we should have no more rain for the rest of the month right? I am quite certain I am not the only farmer hoping for warm sunshine the rest of October!

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