It was a very good week of weather for corn and soybean development, according to the weekly weather and crop update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. Warm and wet describes this last weeks weather. There were three rain events that totaled 3.9 inches of rain. That was 2.9 inches above normal. Temperatures averaged 74 degrees and that was 2.1 degrees above normal. Growing Degree Units totaled 167 which was 14 percent above normal.

Since May 1, we have accumulated 1,491 Growing Degree Units and that is 5 percent above normal. It is nice to see the crop ahead of normal. That means maybe less propane needed for corn drying this fall. Most of the corn is nearing the end of pollination and it looks very good. That was expected because we have not seen very high temperatures or moisture stress. Soybean aphid populations remain low. Agronomists think all the rain makes it difficult for aphids to get established. Maybe it is the third year in a row I will not have to spray for aphids?

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