When reading the weekly weather and crop update from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca it appeared it was a very good week for corn and soybean development. Temperatures were a bit warmer than normal. Temperatures averaged 74.6 degrees, which was 2.2 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled 2.28.inches and that was 1.24 inches above normal. That rainfall all occurred in one event. Growing Degree Units totaled 166.5 and that is 13 percent more than normal.

This growing season, which officially began on May 1, we have accumulated 1,162 Growing Degree Units. That is 13 percent above normal. Moisture in the 5-foot soil profile should be very adequate as corn enters the reproductive tasseling stage. Moisture stress or very high temperatures during tasseling can have a very negative impact on yields. Soybeans are flowering and will continue flowering until late August or even early September. Hopeful we will see favorable weather next week too!.


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