On Friday afternoon and Saturday I was out to the farm hauling corn. Saturday morning I had a sweatshirt on but by late morning that was not needed. I do not remember the weather being this warm in the middle of February. Not that I am complaining about the nice warm weather but it makes me think, if it can be around 30 degrees warmer than normal, at some point it might be 30 degrees colder than normal.

The warm weather makes me wonder about crops, trees and plants that are dormant right now. Will this warm weather be enough days in a row so that they break dormancy? I am thinking about alfalfa, apple trees and winter wheat. I know there is not much winter wheat in our area, but there is a lot of alfalfa and apples. Crops that break dormancy this early will certainly be vulnerable if cold weather returns.

I know we live in Minnesota and we cope with whatever unusual weather we receive. Sometimes miserable weather and like this weekend really nice. If I could control the weather I would order "normal weather." That would mean there would be some cold weather and snow for ice fisherman, snowmobilers and skiers. Normal spring, summer and fall weather would mean good crop production for farmers. Plus some nice weather for all outdoor activities.Yes, give me normal weather!

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