Saturday I ran into my local John Deere dealer to get a few parts for my tractor. I saw this display next to the parts counter. With the forecast calling for multiple inches of rain we may need these. Heavy duty tow ropes for pulling equipment out of muddy fields. It seems like maybe the forecast is backing down on just how much rain we may get. Lets hope the rain is not too heavy and we can get on with the 2018 harvest.

Pulling a combine or grain cart out of a mud hole in a field can be dangerous, especially with the size of equipment today. A big tractor has a lot of power that can break an old fashioned log chain. When a log chain breaks it can snap back and go through a cab window and injure a kill the driver. These tow ropes are designed to handle the size and power of today's track and 4-wheel drive tractors. I just hope that everyone stays safe this fall. More accidents seem to occur when we see weather like this during harvest.

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