When it is May 1 and you have not planted any corn yet, you frequently check the weather radar. Especially when there is a lot of rain in the forecast. That is certainly the case this weekend with many states south and east of Minnesota in flash flood watches and warnings. I always check the National Weather Service forecast because it is more detailed than many others. It has projections on not just percent chance of rain but how much.

This is a picture of the weather radar earlier this morning, and you can see many major states in the corn belt were getting a lot of rain. While Minnesota has very little corn planted, other states have a lot in the ground. Multiple inches of rain just after corn is planted is not beneficial to the crop. Yet, I am not sure traders will see it that way when the market opens this evening for the overnight session. Friday afternoon I read the comments of one trader about the heavy rain in the forecast for this weekend. Does this sound familiar? "Rain makes grain and more rain makes more grain."

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