I feel like these ship arrival and departures in the Duluth Harbor just keep getting better and better. Check out the Saginaw arriving with a surprise special guest on board.

Last week we saw a surprise ship enter the Duluth Harbor to become the first one in 2023.  According to Paul Scinocca, the Arthur M. Anderson was originally scheduled for Two Harbors. However, somewhere along the way, the route was changed to Duluth, and you can check it out here.

A few weeks before that, we saw Mother Nature do her thing when the John G. Munson had a snowy arrival. Then at the end of 2022, we saw something that could be straight out of a movie. The icy fog departure of the American Spirit that definitely deserves another look.

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Paul is at again, this time capturing the Great Lakes self-unloading bulk carrier, the Saginaw. According to Marine Traffic, the ship was built 1953. The 70-year-old vessel has an overall length (LOA) of 193.02 meters and a width of 21.95 meters. The ship sails under the flag of Canada.

What was cool about this particular ship, is that on lookers got to see a surprise guest. At the 1:30 mark, you can start to see the old guest. It happens to be someone in a T-Rex costume. If I sailed on a ship, I would definitely have some fun with the on-lookers. I circled the costume so you can get a hint of where it is while watching the video:

Paul Scinocca via YouTube
Paul Scinocca via YouTube

Here is the video so you can see it in all its glory:

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