Father's Day was this past Sunday. I made the trek to the Twin Cities and spent most of the day hanging out with both my dad and my father-in-law. We don't do gifts on Father's Day as so much as we just spend some time with each other. On Sunday a step-dad opened up a gift from his step-daughter, it was something 6 years in the making. Sophia saved all of his positive motivational notes from middle school and gave them to him as a gift framed with a picture of the two of them. 

As Sophia's step-dad opens the gift at first you can tell he is puzzled by the yellow Post-It notes that are under the frame. As he opens the gift he is struck by the fact that all of these notes are ones that he wrote to Sophia years ago, and she had kept them. Wow. All of the feels with this one. Watch it below!

We hear about some of the worst of humanity on a regular basis when we turn on the TV or radio, every now and then it's good to share some of the more positive news as a way to balance out all that negative stuff.

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