This morning around 9:30, Jim Spinler from Medford came down Rochester's Second Street, slowly pulled his truck into the Rochester Ronald McDonald House driveway, and completed a 30-year plan to help save lives. In the truck, and on the trailer behind it, were pop tabs. Literally millions of them. Almost four million, in fact.

Why did Jim Spiner spend 30 years collecting pop-tabs? He knew a guy who's child stayed at the House while dealing with cancer, and wanted to help the children and families staying there.

After running his own garbage hauling business, he wanted to make a statement. Those aren't his words, but when you click the video and hear him talk about how important it is to take an interest in your community, and how he feels not enough do that, you get the idea his help is both help and encouragement.

Little by little, pop tab by pop tab, Jim did it. Never lose sight of your goal, no matter how long your stride, if you keep working at it, you will get there. Thanks for the reminder, Jim.

I reached out to find out if the total weight had been figured yet, and Jacob Dreyer, Communications Director at the House, says the weight of the pop tabs came in at about 2,120 pounds. It's the largest donation of pop tabs the House has received in its 40-year history.

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