The Minnesota Soybean Growers farmer led Drift Task Force sent a letter to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture requesting a one week extension for the use of dicambia over the top on soybeans. The deadline was June 20, 2019. The one week extension was requested on June 7, 2019. On that date only 50 percent of the soybeans in Minnesota had been planted because of the extremely wet spring this year.

"We understand that late planting this year has caused concern for growers who want to use this crop management tool," said Minnesota Department of Agriculture Commissioner Thom Peterson, "However, delayed applications in an attempt to control later emerging weeds can result in poor control and present other risks. If you are one of the growers than invested in dicambia technology, now is the time to use it because late planting combined with pre-plant tillage can offer advantages for weed control, according to the University of Minnesota Extension."




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