I became a Farm Broadcaster in 1995 and joined the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. I believe there are around 275 Farm Broadcaster members on the air all over the United States. Every November (except last year) the National Convention has been held at the Westin in downtown Kansas City. Watch out Kansas City as Farm Broadcasters invade Kansas City!

My favorite part of the National Convention is what is called Trade Talk. Farm Groups, Commodity Organizations and Agriculture Business set up booths in a big room at the Westin to do interviews with Farm Broadcasters. They always have topics, issues or maybe product launches they want to get the message out to farmers. yes, sometimes they have "stuff" to give to Farm Broadcasters too!

Trade Talk ends at 1:30 and shortly after there are a couple business meetings we must attend. One is a regional meeting and then the National Association of Broadcasters Association general business meeting. Thursday evening there is a formal banquet and there are other sessions Friday morning. However, myself and many other Farm Broadcasters head home sometime Friday morning. I think we are all really looking forward to the convention after it was virtual last year!

Scary isn't it, the small town country bot heading back to the big city? At least I have been there many times before so I know how to get to the Westin in downtown Kansas City.

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