Say what you will about the pending snow that is due to arrive tonight and tomorrow across the #BoldNorth. This past weekend featured some comfortable weather for many Minnesotans with plenty of folks out on area lakes taking in some ice fishing, and then there was what happened in Chisago County as two deputies pulled their squads over and initiated a snowball fight with some kids walking on the sidewalk.

This is great that someone captured two Minnesota sheriff's deputies having some fun with the warmer temps, and what was described as "weather conditions" being "perfect for a snowball fight" in a post from the Chisago County Sheriff's Office.

If you follow our page for any length of time, you know that we try to keep our community informed about our law enforcement activity. So we thought you may have been wondering why two squads were parked alongside the Sunrise Prairie Trail in North Branch 25 minutes ago.
Deputies located several juveniles walking down the trail. The weather conditions were perfect for a snowball fight, and these deputies saw these boys as prime targets. Upon exiting their squad cars a flurry of snowballs began being thrown in both directions.
The fight was a valiant one. Early reports indicate that the snowball squabble resulted in a tie. If anyone has more cell phone video for us to review, we may be able to make a better determination as to who the winner was.
It's clear from the video that both sides of the snowball fight were having fun, and what's even better is that those kids involved probably went home and told mom and/or dad all about what happened on the way to the park or home.
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