Well if you are into this kind of thing, and you'll get ZERO judgment from me, don't be coming to North Branch to snatch a 420 sign. The North Branch Police Department posted today that any 'takers' would need a ladder if they wanted to take this 'high'ly sought sign for some pot smokers.

Today is 420, and if you are partaking in the 'devils lettuce' you know what that means. The North Branch Police Department had some fun with the date, and a highly stolen sign, in order to remind folks not to steal signs, as it's illegal.

If you decide to partake in 4/20 activities today just know that you will never be as high as our 420th St sign. This is not a challenge. Our sign is literally 20 ft in the air because it has been stolen so much.
Please do not try and steal our sign. We have a trap at the bottom. It may include munchies as a distraction technique.
I'm sure the City of North Branch isn't alone in sign thefts when it comes to the number 420. Goodhue County back in 2015 stopped replacing their 420th Street sign as it was getting pretty expensive to replace, once it went back up it was only a matter of time until someone ripped it off again. The solution to Goodhue County's stolen sign? They named the street 42X.

All of the Internet is Shocked at Sign Hung in Wisconsin Home for Sale

A house that went on the market in Onalaska, Wisconsin in April is absolutely gorgeous but there is one small thing hanging on a wall that has everyone doing a double-take. Oh, and someone lost their sunglasses in a pretty random spot too. (See if you can find where those lost sunglasses are in the photos.)

This home at W6547 Woodland Pass in Onalaska, Wisconsin was built in 1989 and sits on 1.53 acres that are pretty wooded. Lots of space indoors too with 3,600 square feet and 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The house did go into pending status pretty fast but you can see the full listing by Realtor Spencer Hegenbarth at RE/MAX Results on Realtor.com here.

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