People talk about bad Monday's can be, this guy probably has you all topped at least for now. Marshawn Copland of Lawton, Oklahoma captured the moment that his father's friend was bitten in the face by a snake on his doorbell camera. The snake was determined to be a bullsnake and non-venomous, and the bite victim "is doing fine" according to Copeland. You can check out the video below, I should tell you, the man's reaction includes the F-Bomb. 

I'm not a huge snake person, they aren't a pet in our house, but our dog likes to chomp down on a few if he can find them on our walks together.

So could this happen to someone here in Minnesota? Perhaps, according to the Minnesota DNR's website bullsnakes, like the one in the doorbell video, make their home in Minnesota. But for the snake to have been perched up high enough to get someone in the face you'd almost have to have someone put the snake there.

So the next time someone starts complaining about their workday, stop them mid-sentence and ask them if they have ever been bitten in the face by a snake when the answer is no, they hopefully realize they don't have any reason to complain.

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