With the cold wet spring it has been a struggle to get the corn planted. However, a lot of corn did planted last weekend through Tuesday night. It will again be a few days before we get another window but the forecast for next week looks promising. This spring brings back bad memories of the prevented plant year of 2013. Fortunately we have some time yet. Corn yields do not decrease a lot until it is planted after May 20th. Then yields drop quickly day by day.

Almost all farmers purchase crop insurance that has a prevented plant clause. Here in southern Minnesota if the weather has not given farmers the opportunity to plant corn we can file a prevent plant claim after May 31. No farmer wants to have to file a prevented plant claim. We plant a crop, that is what we are all about. Plus it is not a good option economically.

Generally speaking most farmers with 80 or 85 percent coverage and a proven yield 0f about 200 bushel and acre would be paid $300 to $375 an acre or 55 percent of their guarantee from the insurance company if they cannot plant a corn crop. The payment would about cover the land rent payment. Plus you would have other fixed costs like machinery and equipment and family living. In addition you would still have to control weeds and plant a cover crop.

So, if a farmer has to file a prevented plant claim you are still going to lose money on every acre but it may allow you to survive to farm the next year. Lets hope we can normal weather soon!


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